Blended with Love

I started to share my blends (aka smoothies*). After purchasing Bella Blender my first summer out of college, she quickly became my go-to in the crazy chaos of transitioning into the ‘real world.’ Fast forward 4 years and she’s still on my counter helping me create yummy blends every week. Organically, this blog has become a blend of its own. More than a space to share recipes, it’s become a space for me to share ideas and stories, knowledge and love.

About Me:
I’m an adventure-seeking optimist + entrepreneur. Nature-loving yogi and teacher, too (200-hr RYT). I’m full of love and in my world, people are everything.10582858_10154497095790237_5519753803240155936_o

Favorite Blend: The Lavender Love Blend

Inspiration: “Eight forces sustain creation: movement and stillness, solidification and fluidity, extension and contraction, unification and division.” (art of peace)

*The smoothies of my past were jam packed with sugar and no real nutrients. Unlike smoothies, blends are full of wholehearted goodness – real food. Protein, greens, healthy fats + antioxidants.

LOVE meeting new people | Connect with me! XO

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