Post Workout Yum!


After an hour of turkish getups, lunges, foam rolling, halos, and an intense finisher (not in that order) I grabbed some groceries and met my friends at my apartment. Amanda and Stephanie live in Southie with me and have become great friends. We have similar interests, too (Legal Seafood Harborside Roof Deck, the beach, exercise, sushi, dancing, running through sprinklers…) While we caught up, I blended a delicious dinner smoothie w Bella. Yum!

Post Workout Bella Blend: Spinach(a lot), Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Cherries, Pistachios, Non Fat Chobani, Mushrooms, Cucumber, Ice (I would have included the avacado, but Stephanie thought it wasn’t ripe enough)

And meet my personal trainer, Stacey. She rocks.



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