BBQ Chicken & Chocolate


This weekend was a weekend of many firsts: my first time hosting a BBQ (and grilling chicken), spilling beer on my computer (effectively frying it), eating at Granary Tavern, listening to live Irish music in Southie, being in a photoshoot, and pitching Perfect Fuel chocolate at Whole Foods. It was an eventful weekend. Thanks to Bella, there were no hangovers. The secret: spinach. I’m convinced that eating spinach after drinking prevents hangovers.

I made a lot of blends this weekend (and introduced Bella to a lot of great friends). Here are some new recipes:

Guacamole Blend (to dip veggies): avacado, olive oil, garlic salt (onion and actual garlic would have been delicious, too)

Berry, Berry Cherry Vodka Blend: Vodka (I used Sky cherry), raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and cherries (I bought frozen – cheaper and easier to mix), ice

Morning After Bella Blend: Spinach (like all of the other blends I make), cucumber, peach, cinnamon, red pepper, cantaloupe, carrots, blueberries, chobani, ice

Tuna Blend (not drinkable): tuna, celery, walnuts, grapes, balsamic (great on top of salad)



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