Fairy Magic, Salamanders + Sister Love


Exploring the woods in search of fairies + salamanders + hidden treasures, designing a bagel factory in our future tree-trunk clubhouse, dancing + camper antics, life chats under the stars, rubber duck races down the stream, cows + bunnies + chickens + pigs + goats, ocean walks, seashells + crabs with claws, singing on the windowsill, campfires + swimming, hugging, laughing, creating delicious snacks, watercolors, reading, snuggling, swinging off tree branches, sharing, tasting life, + always loving.

Happy Birthday Mei Mei!! It’s been fun being your partner in crime for the past 22 years…can’t wait to see what adventures the next 80 bring!!

I love you to infinity.

Let’s go on an adventure (w Osh Kosh, too) + rock these helmets (+ pj’s) again!!!



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