3559_710096184471_1627633704_nIt’s the word of the year.


It seems like everything happening around me lately is EPIC. Dynamic, momentous, soul-moving, life changing, magical, dazzling, sparkling, really freaking awesome.

We’re all surrounded by events + ideas + actions of EPIC proportions. We just need to look + listen for them. And then appreciate them. Every single second of them.

Tunnel vision, getting stuck in a sticky rut, + self doubt are EPIC killers + totally a waste of precious (epic) energy. We’re not naive. We know that not everything is as good as it seems, but we listen to our intuition + assume best intentions. We follow our hearts + guts. And then we just GO. We follow epic paths to epic places, people, ideas, + events.

Perfect example of an EPIC event: BOSTON BITES BACK. 100 chefs + 5,000 changemakers @ Fenway raising $1 million for The One Fund. What makes it epic? Well, it was planned in 2 weeks + 100% of the proceeds are going to The One Fund. 100%. As in, every single dollar raised.

(What else is epic? Celebrating 3 graduations in 3 days, my sister getting published in Feminist Wire, my other sister getting a 100 on her stats final exam (HOW?!), one of my fav startups landing an incredible deal (!!!), WINE Club Boston’s Great Gatsby Premiere Party (+ all of the companies/people who came together to make it happen), kettlebell workouts (always), watching Les Miserables in NY w my bff + her beautiful family, making a new friend via a random “I think your blog rocks” email, + meeting a happy team of entrepreneurs focused on philanthropic travel).

Reflect about all of the EPIC pieces of your life! I bet they rock.



One thought on “EPIC

  1. Great post Gaby. And even with all these epic events going on you still have time to be an awesome friend. Thanks for the kindness you bring to the world.


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