My baby sister turned 19 on Sunday. Her heart and smile, big brown eyes + sparkle spirit brighten my life. She’s more than my sister, she’s my best friend. Smart as a whip, creative, funny + the queen of cupcake making…my life would be ugly + bland without her in it.

My life would also be ugly + bland without new adventures.

My most recent adventure was finding the secret garden of bike paths. I’ve been biking everywhere – rain + sunshine and while I biked on Friday in the pouring rain I found gold. It’s along the ocean with sailboats and fishermen. Wide open space. Sand, sea, nature. 

The blend that gives me the energy I need to bike + embark on new adventures? The bike blend. It’s easy to make + is wicked delicious.

Bike Blend: Almond milk, Chai Vega (1/2 scoop)



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