Siggi Strawberry Banana Blend


Sweet strawberries, endive, garlic scape, romaine lettuce, beets, spinach, sweet pea sprouts, cabbage, dill…the results of my first CSA share!

Very special friends headed out of the country + gave me their share for the week. They also let me borrow their cute pug (+ love of my life). It’s fun pretending to own a pup. I can’t wait until I have my own (in a few years though…need to travel the world first).

The fruit share of the CSA…strawberries. Really juicy, sweet, yummy strawberries. AKA: the PERFECT blend ingredient and inspiration for the Siggi Strawberry Banana Blend. (Have you ever tried Siggi? It is SO GOOD. You can find it at Whole Foods. Yumma times one million.)

Siggi Strawberry Banana (Bella) Blend: Plain Siggi, 1/2 Banana, Fresh Strawberries (you’ll def want to share it with someone special)

P.S. Russell Farms (my favorite farm on the North Shore) is having a strawberry festival this weekend! Get up there + pick some fresh berries for your blend!


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