Radiate Love

bikeI crashed my bike + slammed my face into concrete. Here’s what I learned from the experience…

1. NEVER try jumping curbs from an angle, even if the person in front of you does it.

2. Helmets really do work – WEAR THEM.

3. RADIATE LOVE + people will come to the rescue. Pick you up, untangle your mess of a self + literally take the shirt off their back to wipe up your scary smashed up face (thanks november project do-gooders).

4. MGH has an upbeat ER team. When I explained what happened, the first reply: “YOU are the reason I don’t work out” + after telling me I could go home… “Keep safe killer.”

5. FRIENDSHIP is GOLD. There is something SO special about having a one-in-a-million friend in your life. My best friend saved me. Drove to the stadiums, packed up my poor Kona, drove me to the hospital, bought me an iced coffee, told me I was still beautiful. Even risked getting a parking ticket.

6. There are ALWAYS positives with negatives. ALWAYS. Looking for them + embracing them lessens the pain of the negatives.

7. Salt water + fresh ocean air heal all. Fishing does, too.

8. People are everything. Honestly, it’s my life mantra + this whole experience just reaffirmed it. From the love on social media, to my family, to the ER team, to my dentist, to complete happy strangers who took care of me + assured me I would be okay.

Now that I’m not supposed to really chew hard foods (fixed broken tooth), Bella is going to be working on overtime. More delicious blends in my future!



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