where wild things

The little amygdala can be one hell of a bugger when it hijacks our brains + turns us into mini monsters of strong, negative feelings + irrational communications.

We’ve learned ways to hamper hijackings: counting to 20, reframing, delaying.

But sometimes even our best set intentions + actions aren’t enough to block the little havoc-wreaking part of our brains.

And that’s when we know we need to stop. Sleep more, learn more, meditate more + take a real good look at our lives + the real causes for our little almond-shaped-mass-of-nuclei’s freak out.

And then we might need to perform damage control + hope w a full heart that those who dealt w our mini monster selves still love + trust us.

Life is a wild blend of emotions + experiences.

Thankfully it’s a wild blend of forgiveness, compromise, respect, vulnerability, dance, friendship + understanding, too.



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