One Hour


“What would you do if you only had one hour left to live?”

I’d dance. I’d spin in circles with the ones I love most to really yummy guitar, piano, bluegrass-esque music in a beautiful, old sparkle-light lit barn. I’d drink Bantam + whiskey. I’d eat loads of dark chocolate + cheese. I’d run around barefoot in the dewey grass. I’d hug everyone and everything around me.

Or I’d sit by the slate sea while the sun set with my family + friends, warm blankets, and yummy snacks.

Questions like this enter my life right when I need them most. Right when I’m regretting something, getting stuck in the past or just getting in my way. They spark my little brain right back into perspective.

Thankful to have someone in my life who knows right when to ask them.


One thought on “One Hour

  1. Bantam and whiskey! Out of control. I think I would try and write a few letters, or a blog post about dying.


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