My heart is happy. It’s happy because I’m finally HEARTlistening to it. Finally turning off voices that stem from fear and insecurity. Finally listening to the rhythm it wants me to live. Breathing deep into my heart, exhaling negativity, judgments, doubts.

Connecting to who I am and what I want. What I need to be me. Listening with love and having courage to stay true to my core.

There are so many little actions, habits, bits of life that lead us to freedom. To this open hearted, space between our ribs, humble confidence. And when we find our freedom, our inner sunshine radiates. Displacing the darkness, pain, insecurities, sadness that once existed.

I think that we all know exactly what we want in life. We know what makes us happy and we know why we’re here – to do and be something. We have our own definitions of success, greatness, and when we stay connected to our cores, we are unable to lose sight of those definitions, unable to lose ourselves.

The second we let the shoulds rule, definitions of success other than our own, we suffer.

Suffering in an endless cycle of coulds, shoulds, expectations, supposed tos, perfectionism.

When I turn off the voices and listen to my heart, I find where I am and where I’m going. Knowing, infinitely, that everything in life is impermanent. Knowing that my time here is numbered. Minutes, hours, days, years, but most importantly, moments and experiences. Adventures.

Today, I spent my limited time practicing yoga in a field house full of people radiating love and hope. Raising money for the Boston Children’s Hospital. Raising money to help heal the tiny hearts of little souls. An event that started as an idea and is now sparking the hearts of thousands to raise hundreds of thousands of philanthropic dollars.

Rolf Gates closed our practice with a gentle flow and these words of wisdom:

“The heart is the place of the unstruck sound. Give voice with your life to the great heart within you.” 

Listen to your hearts sunshine warriors.




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