Be brave he said. Be brave to speak your mind, to share your truth. Have courage, have faith. Faith in the earth and the sun and the moon. That the cycles, the ebbs and the flows, are part of you. Surrounding you and within you.

Share your light he said. Share your light without fear. Share your light without shame. Share your light to protect and to heal.

Those stories that are woven like a basket tight in your soul, let them be. Set them free he said. Knots of thoughts can always be undone. Some just take more time than others. Courage is knowing when to let them be and when to set them on fire. Let them burn, let them smolder.

He danced with her like the wind whispers through the trees. Held her like the seashore holds the warmth of the sun’s rays.

“You are like the earth,” he said.

He saw her like she’d never been seen.



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