Moving September


I’m finally moved into my new apartment. I love it, everything about it. The backyard, the random mirrors, the molding, my bedroom, my roommate, my new neighbors.

Moving isn’t easy, just like change. It felt like my life was put in the Bella blender and mixed all up. Boxes, bruises from lifting the boxes,  choosing to keep or donate the contents of the boxes, learning the new parking rules, saying goodbye to my first apartment, meeting new neighbors, missing perfect beach days, figuring out who to ask for help sans parents or a boyfriend, not getting half enough sleep…

But everything worked out. The boxes are emptied, I took multiple naps over the weekend and slept like a rock last night, I had awesome people help me move, and my bruises are starting to fade. I also figured out the parking rules.

Why did they work out? Because I believed they would. I breathed and had patience with myself and the moving situation. I asked for help and I cried when I needed to cry. I was mindful throughout the entire experience. (I also drank a lot of iced coffee and have amazing friends and cousins).

I know that September is going to be a month of happy beginnings and celebrations – weddings, birthdays, LOVE. Here’s a Bella blend to celebrate September (it’s the first blend I’ve made in my new apartment).

September Blend: Almond milk, banana, almond butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, ice


2 thoughts on “Moving September

  1. sounds like the perfect bella blend! love you and i’m so glad that you’re exactly where you need to be in your life <33


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