Life is Sweet, People Are Sweeter


Today is my 23rd birthday and I’ve decided that I’m dedicating it to something bigger than me. I just learned about Executives Without Borders on Thursday and instantly fell in love with them and their Ramase Lajan initiative. They’ve set up recycling centers in Haiti to clean up the litter from the earthquake and economically empower the Haitian community (women and men). They also support health education initiatives in Haiti. They are making change and doing so much good. Check out my crowdrise campaign for them! 

Life is sweet. People are sweeter. I am surrounded by people leading their lives passionately, authentically, energetically. It’s empowering.

I recently started working at a co-working space on Summer St. That’s how I met Executives Without Borders. The people there live their values and work on projects and ideas that make them feel alive (you know that feeling in your heart when what you’re doing just feels right and you want to jump up and down or hug someone because you feel so happy – that’s what I mean by feel alive).

My friend from the space recently gave me an article about superfoods that make you live longer. (He works for What’s Up Networks, a powerhouse company that helps people experience life to its fullest). The article was about a man who likes to market special superfoods like mangosteen. It was also about risk and opportunity and the importance of taking both.

It’s important to take risks and it’s important to grasp opportunities that present themselves. Life is too small to take anything for granted! (Cliche, BUT TRUE).

I try to look at everything (the good and bad parts of life) as opportunity – opportunity to learn, opportunity to give, opportunity to grow. I know, with all of my heart, that opportunities would not present themselves without people. People drive opportunity. People drive change. People help you when you take risks.

Here’s a blend to help you believe in the sweetness of life and people.

Life is Sweet, People Are Sweeter Blend: Almond Milk, Banana, Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Powder, Ice



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