Glitter + Apples

apple heart

New months mean new adventures, like glitter painting my bathroom and creating new, delicious desserts.

I moved into an apartment that was built in 1910. It has so much character and history…the previous owner’s grandfather was born in our living room! There’s a happy energy and definitely a lot of love in the apartment. (Maybe that’s why our newest friend, Huffington the mouse, decided to move in, too).

My roommate and I have been slowly making changes to the apartment – painting over ugly blue molding, organizing, and strategizing how to make the apartment our own. On a recent trip to our new favorite place, Home Depot, I discovered Martha Stewart glitter paint. It’s awesome and is now on the walls of my bathroom. Glitter paint is magical and transformative – our used-to-be-ugly/sad bathroom is now beautiful.

My second October adventure involved apples. Last night, I decided to embark on a “create a delicious dessert without refined sugar, dairy, or any other cancer-causing gross ingredients” mission because we had an awesome dinner guest visiting us. The final product: DELICIOUS. Thanks to Bella (she always comes through), we had a perfect dessert to top off a perfect dinner (and enough to share with our special neighbor).

Bella Blended Apple Crisp: Apples (I like granny and macoun apples – locally sourced are always the best), Peaches, Cinnamon (A LOT), Nutmeg, Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Almond Milk, Coconut Oil

Directions: 1. Get a dish that can go  in the oven. 2. Peel/cut the apples and peaches and put them in a plastic bag with cinnamon/nutmeg (close and SHAKE the bag). 3. Blend Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Almond Milk, and Coconut Oil in Bella. 4. Coat the dish with coconut oil and place the nut mixture from Bella on the bottom of the dish. 5. Put the apples in the dish. 5. Repeat step 3 and spread on top of the apples. 6. Cover with aluminum foil and put in a 425 degree oven until it smells good in your kitchen.

**There’s a lot of ambiguity in these directions for a reason. Cooking is an adventure. Be creative and make sure you bake it with LOVE or it will taste gross.



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