Move ON


I drove to Life Alive on Monday, psyched to drink one of their delicious blends w my bud. It’s always open until 10pm, but it was closed on Monday for employee appreciation day (sad, but valid).

What did I do in the face of disappointment?

I moved on. I tried Ethiopian food and it was delicious. Different than Life Alive, but comparable in the happy, warm feeling I felt when I ate the food and sat in the oversized, comfy chair. The dining experience was top notch – I ate with my hands, laughed, learned bits of a new language, and discovered a whole new culture.

Let’s be serious, it’s a bummer when you realize you can’t have something you want (especially something as delicious as Life Alive), but I truly believe that there’s a reason behind every single thing that happens in life.

It’s okay to move on. It creates space and opportunity for something different (oftentimes better) to come into your life.

I decided to move on from cold blends to hot blends this week. I’m not sure I like them better, but at least they keep me warm (big, old apartments are COLD).

Warm Apple Blend: Green Apple (peeled), Almond Milk, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Hope (that it will taste good), Microwave



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