Gel Pen Magic


Remember the first time you used gel pens? I was 10. I hid them from my sisters and used them to create artistic masterpieces that I was convinced would one day be famous.

Weird? Yes, but at least I had an imagination.

I recently spent the day w a 7 year old and relived the magic of gel pens (they were my birthday gift to her). After exploring the MFA (one of my favorite places), running through the streets w our arms up like airplanes, and doing tree handstands, we drew with the gel pens.

We didn’t draw anything in particular. We just scribbled. Swirls, circles, hearts, lines, authentic scribbles. We didn’t plan and we didn’t think.

When’s the last time you did something unplanned? Just ventured out into the world excited for whatever came your way?

Can’t think of anything? Lace up your sneakers, bundle up, put on your headphones, and GO. Hop on a train and travel for 10 hours to spend 24 hours with someone you love, spend an entire afternoon walking in search of new trails, go to the zoo and imagine what life would be like as a monkey, eat at a new restaurant, get a tattoo, just go.

I made this blend a while back and have been waiting to post it. One of my favorite friends turns 30 today and loves this blend. He also loves adventures, laughing, and fun so it makes sense that this one would be for him!

Cheeky Monkey Blend (for the uncalculated adventures of life): Almond Milk, Banana, Ice, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Dark Chocolate Powder


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