Ebbs + Flows

ebbs and flows

There are ebbs and flows in life. Ups and downs. Happiness and sadness. They might not be fun while you’re going through them, but it’s the ebbs that make the flows stronger + so much more meaningful.

I’ve been in a bit of an ebb. Friday’s events (the school shooting) made it an even slumpier ebb. I’m never one without words (my family will tell you they chose the perfect name for me) and, yet, it’s been hard for me to communicate how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. Sad, angry, confused, vulnerable.


How do you pick yourself up when you feel powerless? You love. At least that’s all I can do. What would the world be like if more people led their lives with their hearts? Put aside fear, jealousy, sadness, anger, insecurities, and just loved? Assumed best intentions, listened whole heartedly, forgave, shared vulnerabilities?

My best friend leads her life in love. She wears her heart on her sleeve – in her job, in her relationships, in every sphere of her life really. She gets what it means to lead in love.

This blend is for her.

Lead in Love Bella Blend: understanding, compassion, hope, faith, patience, heart, + a lot of chocolate.



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