Happy 50 Years YOUNG!


My mom turns 50 today! She’s rocking at living + loving + singing + dancing + just being the best mom in the world. 

I love my mom. She loves me unconditionally, listens to my goofy, awkward stories, is the most fun person to sit with on a plane, and just always knows how to make me feel like a billion bucks.

She also sings a mean version of Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” plays the piano like Ray Charles, knows wine, has a few really funny jokes, rocks out with the best campfire songs on her guitar, and lights up every room she enters. No exaggeration. EVERY ROOM. She is vivacious, talented, compassionate, strong, passionate, and fun.

My favorite memory of my mom? I was 5 or 6, maybe 7. We were camping + one night she called me over to her. I sat next to her and she started singing me a song that she’d written for me and my sisters. Watching her with her guitar over her shoulder, her long beautiful curly brown hair, and her sparkling eyes, I remember feeling so happy and thankful that she was my mom (you know…that warm feeling in your heart?) I also remember hoping that 

I could be just like her when I grew up.

I still hope I can be.

Happy Birthday Mom! Cheers to 50 more years of adventure, love, happiness, playing, traveling, drinking on planes, + singing spontaneously, always. I love you to forever. 


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