You Are My Sunshine

sunflowerCleaning is good for the soul. Journaling, meditating, laughing, writing thank you cards, forgiving, Bella blending, singing, and eating are, too.

I’m always on the hunt for “hello, I love you soul” types of activities. My most recent pursuit: playing the dulcimer. It’s like the guitar, only better because it sounds warmer and is easier to play.

I’ve mastered two songs: You Are My Sunshine + Amazing Grace.

What are your favorite “HOLA SOUL, I LOVE YOU” things to do? Think long and hard + DO MORE OF THEM. Every day. At least 5 minutes.

(On the topic of blends…I keep making the same one – kale, spinach, blueberries, water, cinnamon, nutmeg, avacado, chia, love – I should probably work on being a little more creative).




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