Fire + Optimism

fire optimism

I’m neck deep in philanthropy research. Absorbing the world as fast as I can because I can’t get enough. Debates about overhead costs vs. program costs vs. innovation + thinking big. Financial statements, IRS 990 forms, annual reports. TED talks + debates. Twitter feeds. Figuring out the big takeaways.

Juxtaposed to my philanthropy research is boxing. I’m boxing October 17th in Haymakers for Hope’s first all women’s show to raise money for breast cancer research. At first I felt the need to defend my decision – spewing my reasons w conviction. Passion.

There are so many reasons it just becomes a web of spew. Too much.

The more time I spend in the ring, defending myself, learning how to move, taking hits + thinking about my counter hits, the more I realize that my reasons for fighting are the blending of two words.

Fire + Optimism.

Fire is the challenge – mind, body, spirit. Pushing myself beyond anything I’ve ever done. Raw physicality + pain. Sparking + igniting change. Optimism is the hope – fighting to raise dollars to research a cure for a disease that kills millions. Achieving big goals. Finding myself.

The culmination of blending fire + optimism: PHILANTHROPY.

One of the best blends I’ve ever made. 



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