I was at the MIT bookstore this week + couldn’t NOT buy a book. It’s such a rarity to be in a store w so many paperbacks.

The book I picked up, “Why We Make Mistakes” by Joseph T. Hallinan. I’m reading a lot about choice architecture + behavioral economics so it felt like the right purchase.

I’m only a few pages in, but it already has my mind reeling.

How we frame situations, our biases, our tendency towards rapid-fire analysis…they all contribute to our mistakes.¬†Sometimes small, sometimes huge. Sometimes emotionless, sometimes heart-wrenching.

We set intentions + never follow through. We overreact + communicate things we wish we could take back. We spend when we should be saving. We fight when we want to love. We multitask + lose focus on what really matters.

Thankfully, Hallinan promises that he has ideas + strategies to help us fix our mistake-making tendencies. When I figure them out, I promise to share.



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