Willow Grove


I sat alone at a small table in the middle of Willow Grove’s main dining room and read her story from the menu.

Built in 1937 beside clusters of weeping willows and the Patapsco River, Willow Grove endured. She burned to the ground in 1944, drowned in 17 feet of water when Hurricane Agnes hit in 1972, and felt the wrath of Hurricane Eloise when she submerged her in 13 feet of water in 1975.

Overcoming each adversity with warmth, friendliness and grit, Willow Grove emerged undaunted, remodeled, and even more elegant.

Instead of losing herself to abuse and pain, she rebuilt herself. Stronger and more prepared for the next joys and tragedies that life was bound to bring her.

Eating alone is always an adventure, especially when restaurants like Willow Grove find me.



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