When we want to embrace truthfulness, whether internally or externally, we battle our egos and fears. We battle negative forces that keep us from living our lives full-heartedly.

Our battle efforts could benefit from the weapons that the Goddess Durga used when she battled evil. 

Her ancient trident would spark our courage. Her bow and arrow helping us connect to our character and values. Her club giving us the power and freedom to surrender to our full strength. Her lotus flower setting us on our path to success. Her sword giving us a strong edge to destroy the negative forces keeping us from finding and sharing our truths: arrogance, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, greed, selfishness. 

Durga’s lion, a symbol of the heroism and prowess necessary to finding our truths and fighting against evil forces, would be our loyal companion throughout our battle.

I like stories + I really like Durga, but with or without Durga, I know that we ultimately have all of the weapons we need within us to win our battle for ultimate truth and a life full of love. We just need to find and use them. 



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