Truffle Magic

chocWhile we sat in our yoga tribe circle of 12, our teacher made us chocolate truffles. “To celebrate the end of the past 2 incredible weeks and because you are all amazing and I am so proud of you,” he said as he started working his truffle magic.

Truffle magic is just one of his strengths as a teacher, leader + yoga teacher. He’s an incredible human being with a singing spirit of spontaneity, humor and limitless love and knowledge.

His truffles are the perfect blend of cocoa powder, coconut oil, hazelnut flour, sea salt, vanilla + agave syrup. Blended up in a food processor + coated with cacao nibs, coconut flakes, pecans + walnuts.

Feeling so grateful for the past 14 days of transformative ideas, wisdom, reflection, love, empathy, meditation, and movement. And now a new superfood dessert of love.

Every single bit of life is delicious right now. 



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