patienceI tried Jiu-Jitsu last night and the one hour class sparked something in my soul that’s been missing for awhile. The primal physicality of rolling around on a mat, grappling and learning. Feeling every part of my body. Throwing myself into an entirely new practice with the potential to fail or hate it. In my case, love it, too.

The beginning of white belt class. Dressed in all the gear. No idea what to expect. Heart pounding just a little more than normal. Memories of my high school soccer conditioning. Time spent at my childhood best friend’s parents’ gym kickboxing and running. My first rugby practice. The first time I stepped in the boxing ring to spar, tried a hot yoga class, trained with Stacey and learned how to use kettlebells.

My body knows when it needs to move and last night, thankfully, it moved me in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. All of the pieces of my past coming to that one hour.

Teaching me the two values I am currently grappling: patience and trust.

Through my grappling, I’m learning that they both take practice. Constant reflection. Habits to strengthen them.

Patiently finding trust, trusting in the power of patience.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that only leads to more empowered happiness. When my patience and trust are in sync, I own my happiness and I have more energy and power to help influence the happiness of others around me.

More patience
More trust
More meditation
More nature
More letting go
More love

Thank you Jiu-Jitsu.



One thought on “Grappling

  1. I love your thought on patience and trust being in sync. Owning happiness is very profound statement. Ownership also means choice. We get to decide our outlook.

    Also, you’re picture is amazing. Could probably use that, and have….

    “More patience
    More trust
    More meditation
    More nature
    More letting go
    More love”

    …as a overlaying quote. The way I’m picturing seems cool anyways.


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