Brain Maps

Brain maps are magic.

I make brain maps whenever I need to get centered. Back to me and my heart, my own brain. Not the brains of everyone around me. I draw them when I need to turn off shoulds. When I need to make serious decisions. When I need to think bigger.

Sit down, grab a blank piece of paper, draw a circle about the topic that you want to map out. Draw lines out of that circle with words that you associate with the topic in the center of the circle.

 A few potential brain map topics:

  • How am I feeling in this moment
  • Why am I freaking out
  • What do I want in my life
  • Places I want to travel
  • Everything I am grateful for in my life
  • Why am I here
  • Life goals
  • Everything I know about topic X (whatever that topic might be)

Brain maps are fun to make with other people, too. I like making brain maps on restaurant napkins, the back of old envelopes, on the chalkboard wall in my apartment.

I especially like creating brain maps when I teach. The classroom becomes a much more student-centered space and I end up becoming more of a facilitator listening to my students share personal experiences and ideas with each other. When my students create brain maps to define different money knowledge topics, I am able to demonstrate how, collectively, they already know the answers. That it’s imperative they share their knowledge to empower each other.

Looking for a new tool to help you grow? Start brain mapping! XO





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