Less Really Is More


Exercising, eating, talking, writing, maybe not breathing, but you get the point. It’s been an interesting journey understanding that less is more. It’s my friend’s mantra. She lives by it.

Thinking “less is more” has improved my life. Less expectations, better listening skills, more understanding of my needs and wants. Less care about unimportant, superficial things.

Less is more is sometimes true with Bella blends, too. I made a blend this morning and overkilled it with Tumeric and Kale. The blend was gross. Seriously. I think I put too much cocoa powder in it, too. I almost forced myself to drink it, but decided that there was really no point in making myself drink something less than delicious.

Instead, I poured some out and added more water, berries, and ice…(the good stuff). It’s a lot like life really. Sometimes life is gross. When it is you have to add the good stuff. Happy, positive friends. Spontaneous adventures. Maybe an ice cream cone from Castle Island.

There’s no point in putting yourself through misery when it can be avoided. Life just isn’t big enough for that.



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